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What is LPFM?
Low-Power FM (LPFM) is a class of FM radio broadcast license created by the Federal Communications Commission after it received a large number of complaints about the lack of localism in radio. LPFM was created to give local community organizations access to the radio waves largely controlled today by distant national corporations.

coverageWhat is the coverage area?
The minimum range using a poor radio receiver such as a clock radio is about 3.5 miles. This yields a coverage area of about 40 square miles – enough to cover Eau Claire. The maximum range using a good quality radio receiver, a car radio or home radio with an external antenna, is greater than ten miles, yielding a coverage area of over 300 square miles.  Of course the signal is affected by weather, buildings, hills and other obsticals to radio waves.

The blue dashed line encloses the minimum coverage area. Within this circle even poor radios can easily pick up the signal.

The red dotted line encloses the maximum coverage area. Outside of this circle, even good radio receivers will have a hard time picking up the signal. 

When are you on air?
Right now! Twenty four hours a day 365 days a year.

Where is the station located?
Our address is 405 S. Farwell St., Suite 23, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 54701
We are located in downtown Eau Claire directly across from the bus station (look for the antenna). The studio is located right at the top of the Stairs at the end of the hallway.
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Who is involved?
A wide variety of folks, check out our People page.

How can I get involved?
For more information on how to volunteer, check out our Volunteer page.

How does WHYS afford to stay on the air?
WHYS radio is a listener supported station.  That means the community has a stake in the programming on WHYS and they support the station.  Some funds come from underwriting, other funds may come from grants, but the bulk of our funding comes from listeners like you. Show your support by donating to WHYS.

What type of programming does WHYS have?
In a word, diverse. Check out our schedule.

405 S. Farwell St., Suite 23, Eau Claire, WI 54701 | | 715-831-WHYS